All About BioCote Technology

BioCote technology provides long-lasting protection to a product by creating a surface upon which microbes cannot thrive or survive. The modern office presents the optimum environment for the spread of germs and illness, caused by shared facilities, circulated air, high contact surfaces such as doors handles, meeting areas, refreshments bar and interactions within a close proximity. Choosing a Waterlogic bottleless water dispenser infused with BioCote® could result in a bacteria reduction of up to 93%, as shown in a BioCote® conducted office environment study.

All About FireWall Technology

It’s never been easier to give your employees, clients and guests unlimited access to refreshing, bacteria free water. When choosing a water dispenser for your workplace, opt for a Firewall™ solution to reduce contamination to a minimum. In workplaces such as offices, hospitals, schools and hotels, providing bacteria free drinking water is of the utmost importance. Institut Dr. Lörcher carried out over 3,000 teststhat confirmed the effectiveness of Firewall against the most resistant species of bacteria.

More About FireWall Technology

Firewall™ water dispensers are designed to meet the Class A purification standards of water treatment systems and developed to reduce contamination of microorganisms to a minimum.  Other treatment methods can use toxic chemicals, which affects the taste and smell of water. Firewall™ systems use no chemicals and the lamp is changed twice a year by a technician.

All about the WL-Cube Firewall

This stylish compact water dispensers effectively purifies water on demand, producing glass after glass of clean, clear water.  The WL Cube features Firewall™, a patented breakthrough technology which offers advanced purification even on sparkling water, cleaning your drinking water from pathogens by up to 99.9999%. Positioned at the point of dispense, it acts as a barrier, preventing bacteria and viruses to enter the system.

The Hoshizaki HR-24A Refrigerator

This HR-24A Compact Undercounter Reach-In Refrigerator by Hoshizaki is designed to fit in smaller areas and features a high quality stainless steel exterior. It uses a solid one piece liner for added energy efficiency and the insulation is made of environmentally friendly cyclopentane. It has a LED temperature display, high and low temperature alarms as well as an alarm that alerts you when the door is left open.