No More Bottles

Bottle-less drinking water technology means no more deliveries of bottles, and no more lifting and storing of heavy 5-gallon bottles. Point-of-Use systems are designed to plumb into existing water lines and use modern technology to treat water, on site.

No Risk of Injuries

With POU systems, there are never any bottles to lift, store or replace. This reduces the risk of lifting injuries and workers’ compensation claims associated with heavy bottles.

Increase Security by Reducing Deliveries

Many companies today are focusing on building security. By decreasing the number of unauthorized personnel on your premises, you are contributing to the safety and well-being of all associates. Additionally, you’re not blocking entries with delivery trucks, nor using up valuable space by storing water bottles!

Decrease Bacteria

Bottled water coolers have exposed reservoirs that can easily become contaminated if not sanitized on a routine basis. Someone’s hands may be dirty when they are handling and changing bottles. Offer your employees better protection from bacteria with a self-contained, point-of-use system.

Less Paperwork and Hassles

An economical POU system can save money and reduce billing-related hassles. With a POU water cooler, there’s a level payment plan every month, regardless of usage.

Support a Better Environment by Reducing Waste

Bottle-less technology is environmentally friendly. By changing to a point-of-use system, your company is doing something better for the environment by reducing plastic waste.

Makes Sense & Saves Money!