Our Services

AquaLine Pure Water Services, Inc. lease bottle-less Water Coolers for a flat monthly rate with no hidden or upfront fees. During our FREE INSTALLATION, our technicians will discretely install you new filtered water cooler anywhere in your office – just like an ice-maker or plumbed in coffee brewer. Included in the monthly lease rate is our automatic 6 month service intervals, where we sanitize the cooler reservoir, perform filter changes, clean tray and cooler exterior and replace any worn or defective cooler parts. Before the technician leaves, he will test the water quality and water temperatures on all water coolers serviced.

We are so confident in our service, product and pricing that we will match, or beat, our competitors – with no contract required! We feel that if our Customers are not 100% satisfied with our service or product, they only need to give a 30-day notice to terminate. It’s that simple! Our goal is to exceed your expectations, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! AquaLine delivers on its promises to our customers!

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