We are committed to providing you with the best possible water

AquaLine Pure Water Services, Inc. is a local, independently owned and operated company proudly serving the New England area since 1997. Our philosophy is a simple one: To provide businesses and homes with great tasting drinking water and outstanding service for the best possible price!

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality water purification and filtration for your office or home. The filtration systems that we use are NSF certified to remove lead, cryptosporidium, parasites and cysts, giardia, chlorine, asbestos fibers, and all particles larger than .5 micron in size. We use Reverse Osmosis and Carbon Block technologies to deliver your office or home with an unlimited supply of refreshing, great tasting, purified drinking water without the hassles and headaches of bottled water.

In today’s busy office environments, bottle-less water coolers and point-ofuse filtration are used more and more. Our systems provide purified water to coolers, as well as coffee brewers and ice machines. AquaLine installs and maintains water purification and filtration systems in businesses of all sizes. These systems ensure that employees are getting the best drinking water possible.

Why buy expensive bottled water for your home when you can purify your own tap water? Tap water is strictly regulated by the State and tested daily. Using a point-of-use purification or filtration system in your home is more convenient, costs less, and is better quality than bottled water. Start now to become more environmentally conscience by using point-of-use purification systems to improve the quality of your water for drinking, cooking, and bathing.